You Tube Killed the Literary Star…

Thanks to some wonderful local people, one of my recent appearances has been gloriously uploaded (with free chiaroscuro!) to You Tube. You can watch it here (my presentation begins at 0:50). In addition to brief readings, I share some of my favorite one-star Amazon reviews (I’ve received more since this reading occurred).

And here’s a holiday message for the haters out there: I’m not going to stop writing books with gay characters just because you don’t like gay people. So stop reading and reviewing my books.

And by the time many of you read this I will be happily married to the man who has shared my life for the last twenty-two years. Yes, married. Legally. Get over it. And enjoy this video in the mean time:

Happy holidays (with love to almost everyone),

Christopher (and Evan)


3 thoughts on “You Tube Killed the Literary Star…

  1. Dear Christopher,
    thanks for your notification.
    I meant to say it before, but hadn’t found the time: I enjoyed your books very much; everything about it! I read a lot, and an author with your talent is very much appreciated and an auto-buy. Looking forward to the next adventure.
    As for the one-star-reviews: it’s a shame that there always will be people who aren’t willing – or able – to think and live outside their boxes. They will never know what they’re missing.
    Merry Christmas, the best to you and your husband, and greetings from Germany

  2. The only problem I have with your books is I NEED MORE NOW! I really have enjoyed the books you’ve written so far, so please get busy on the next several dozen. Thanks for the pleasure I’ve had from your work .

  3. Loved the new book even more than the first one! Can hardly wait for more. Congratulations on your wedding. We are so happy for you!

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