Wordstock and PNBA–what a feeling!

This was an exciting weekend; I had two appearances at Wordstock, and, sandwiched in between those, a whirlwind trip to Tacoma to attend the “Nightcapper” event of PNBA, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Association. My first event was as a client of Indigo Editing at their booth at Wordstock.

The semi-famous author with Vinnie Kinsella of Indigo Editing

I love the folks at Indigo–Vinnie, my publishing guru; Kristin, my editor; Laura, my copyeditor; and Ali McGraw, editor and office manager (more on Ali later).  I met a number of aspiring authors at the booth who wanted to know how I had benefited from the use of an editing service. I told them, as I would tell any aspiring writer–you CANNOT send your manuscript to an agent or publisher unless you have had it professionally edited first.  I don’t have many rules for writers, since each of us has a path to success, but that is my one rule that I would never break. I also sold a few books.

Later, my fabulous media mule, Nancy Boutin, and I drove to Tacoma and PNBA for their opening night cocktail party, the “Nightcapper.” I was one of twenty authors featured at this drinks-and-dessert event, where the authors autograph and give away copies of their books to librarians and owners/employees of independent bookstores. We gave away 75 books in about 90 minutes, and I met people who actually love books more than I do! They WANT to find the next book to fall in love with. I hope that The Christmas Carol Murders meets that test for them, and that it starts showing up in their stores and libraries soon. After the event, Nancy and I relaxed in the Hotel Murano Bar with author wrangler Ali McCart of Indigo Editing, where we talked about books and online dating. The online dating stories were much, much funnier than the stories about books.

I capped off the weekend with a reading at Wordstock, taking time enough to snap a picture from the VIP room, where I brushed elbows with legends Phil Margolin and Wordstock founder Larry Colton, while I waited for my first-ever authorial reading.

The view from the rarefied atmosphere of the VIP lounge, Wordstock 2012

My reading was sparsely but enthusiastically attended. I must totally compliment John, my Wordstock handler, and Dusty, my stage manager, for smoothing over the kerfuffle when my books did not arrive for my signing. Dusty and Sally (of Broadway Books), however, made everything right.

Everything is back to normal now, while I wait for the real start of the book tour early next month with events in Astoria at Lucy’s Books and in Portland at Broadway Books. Check the “appearances” tab for more information about where you can see me and buy a book.

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