The Last of the Illustrations

This is my favorite of the illustrations that Tina Granzo did for The Christmas Carol Murders, showing the triumphant arrival of Miss Dagny Clack at the Fezziwig Ball just before the climax of the novel. This was the drawing that caused Tina the most difficulty, because I kept saying, “Make the fan bigger. Bigger. BIGGER.” I had plans for the fan, and size mattered.

If the illustration reminds you of John Leech’s illustration of Scrooge attempting to quash the light of the Ghost of Christmas Past, then Tina has done her job well. But Miss Clack’s light and hauteur are not so easily dimmed.

Tina was kind enough to present the original work of art to me as a present. I will have it framed along with the cover she and Alan Dubinsky created and display them proudly above my writing desk.

With Ayn Rand being in the news again this week, I think it appropriate to showcase the singular Dagny Clack, the world’s richest fictional Ayn Rand fanatic (would that they were all fictional), as the publication date approaches for The Christmas Carol Murders.

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