Pub Party and ebooks

Friday was the official publication party for The Christmas Carol Murders, at Literary Arts in Portland. Eighty of my friends and colleagues attended to show support and buy copies (so important!). I’m thrilled that I have so many wonderful people supporting my career.

Everyone, from my dear friend Candace (in the apron, who also made the cake modeled after Tina Granzo’s cover art), to my sweetie (looking enthusiastic in his seasonal garb), to my media mule Rebecca (seen next to me at the signing table), and to the crowd (including most members of my “dream team”), made this one of the great nights of my writing life.

Thanks to all who helped plan and execute the party, and to those who showed up to buy books.

The Christmas Carol Murders is now available everywhere, including the Kindle and Nook. Ask for it by name.

One thought on “Pub Party and ebooks

  1. Dear Mr. Lord: What a grand affair. Wish we could’ve been there. But not to fret, we will be at A&E’s Vintage boards, The Parlor reading and discussing your new release, Christmas Carol Murders. All are welcome to join, attend and get in the spirit of mystery for the holidays. Look for a link to the thread in just a few days. Discussion starts early December and Mr. Lord will be in The Parlor (virtually, of course) with the PI’s around that time. Come join us and be part of our mystery luvin’ family!!

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