Pub Date at Last!

The Christmas Carol Murders officially releases today. To celebrate the release, the blog “dru’s book musings” posted a first-person account by my main character, Simon Alastair, describing “a day in the life.” That was fun to write, and I appreciate the nod from the book bloggers out there.

In fact, the book has been quietly available for a week or so, and I’ve sold a few copies, at least enough to have a report from Book Scan, the service that monitors retail book sales. I’m certainly hoping for higher numbers in the weeks to come.

The Christmas Carol Murders will also be available in all ebook formats; that may take another day or two to appear on,, iTunes, and other places. It will also be available only as an ebook in the UK, Australia, and other countries served by the ebook distributor. That’s pretty exciting…

To all of those who have supported me while I waited for this day to occur, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation. I hope you like my love letter to my hometown, Astoria, Oregon, and to my favorite author, Charles Dickens. And if you do, be sure to post a review on websites like, goodreads,, or wherever you like to browse for books. I won’t be using sock puppets or paid reviewers, so I need all of the good reviews I can get. Like this one.

To see A Day in the Life of Simon Alastair, click here

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