Old Friends; New Beginnings

This has been an eventful month.

Evan supervises my work

I will pass over the difficult things; this blog is not a confessional. But the good news is that publication of The Christmas Carol Murders has been the cause of some reunions with old friends.

This last week I had a chance to read at The Book Bin in Salem, where I met with many of my colleagues from the life that preceded my life as a writer. Most of us have retired now, but years melt away in the presence of shared experiences both personal and professional. When you’ve known someone for more than thirty years you have in common the experience of birth, death, illness, triumph and disappointment.

Christopher and Katherine, friends since 1966 (shooter of author photograph inside cover)

And you have also in common the triumph of survival, and that is something to cherish and celebrate.

Here are some moments from that reading.

On a more churlish note, The Christmas Carol Murders (or, more correctly, I should say the author) received a first mean-spirited anti-gay screed on Amazon.com this week. I don’t mind someone not caring for the book (well, not much), but I don’t care to see Amazon used as a bully pulpit for someone spewing hatred and prejudice. I shall multiply my royalty from that book sale and donate it to a non-profit that supports human dignity groups and promotes tolerance and diversity.

Adoring fans patiently wait for the semi-famous author

At the same time I have been planning some time away. I will be in New York City during the holiday season, and will spend the month of April in London at a lovely flat just seconds away from Covent Garden Market. And my long-suffering consort just planned a romantic spring getaway for us at a glorious adobe cottage in Taos, a place I’ve wanted to revisit for years. Sometime in there I’ve got to squeeze in another Dickens Junction mystery, but I’ll worry about that later.

Give thanks this week for family and old friends. And make some new memories with those you love.

Chris and Wendy, friends for nearly 30 years

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