If it were up to me…

This would have been the cover for The Christmas Carol Murders. My amazinging illustrator and web maven Tina Granzo drew this at my request when we were discussing possible cover options for the novel. In my original concept, the title of the book would have appeared inside the muff, bracketed by the two faux-ermine death’s heads. But other members of my creative team thought the image conveyed no specific message about what might be inside the book. So Tina did another drawing that now adorns the cover of The Christmas Carol Murders. When I showed the final online cover art to a bookstore owner, even before telling her what the book was, she said, “Oh, a cozy!” So the better heads were right.

Over the next few weeks before the publication date of The Christmas Carol Murders I’ll be showcasing Tina’s amazing illustrations. They will appear in grayscale in the printed book, but will be in glorious color in any e-reader with color capacity.

And, by the way, this drawing wasn’t wasted. You can see the Dickens Caroler (for that’s who she is) as part of the banner art on several pages here on the website. And you haven’t seen the last of her, yet.

Tina has already begun work on illustrations for the second Dickens Junction mystery, The Edwin Drood Murders (expected publication date late summer 2013).

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