Fan Mail: I Get Letter

When I get fan mail, my energy level heads into the stratosphere so high that not even a mean-spirited anti-gay one-star review on Amazon can take it away.  Here’s something recent (from a fan in Alabama, of all places):

“I sort of stumbled over your books while rambling through mysteries at Amazon.  Since it was Christmas, I read The Christmas Carol novel first.  Loved it!  Jumped right into Edwin Drood, reading avidly but dreading it to end, as I knew those were the only two offerings.  But, I was delighted, when reading the epilogue, to see The Our Mutual Friend Murders.  I went right to the iPad to download your next book, but I was stopped in my tracks.  No book. Hope the next one will be available soon with more to follow.  I just wanted you to know that I give your books five stars.”

The Young Charles Dickens mailing one of his early Sketches by Boz

The Young Charles Dickens mailing one of his early Sketches by Boz

Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed my books. 2014 promises many things for me (and my “new” husband), and I wish you all the best in the new year.

4 thoughts on “Fan Mail: I Get Letter

  1. I too cannot wait for the third book…your books are “spellbinding” once you start you never want to put them down and they always end to soon…keep up the awesome writing and I am happy for you and Evan .

      • Doug: thanks for visiting the site and asking about new books. Book three in the series, “The Our Mutual Friend Murders,” is finished. I spent much of 2014 seeking a traditional publishing contract with the help of my agent, but was unsuccessful. I have yet to decide whether to publish it myself. If I do, it’s likely to be as an e-book only, since the cost of self-publishing a hard-copy book is extraordinary, and most of my sales come from e-books anyway. At the moment I’m enjoying a break from writing, although I have much of “The Oliver Twist Murders” outlined already, should I decide to move forward. That’s the best answer I can give you for now. Chris…

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