You Tube Killed the Literary Star…

Thanks to some wonderful local people, one of my recent appearances has been gloriously uploaded (with free chiaroscuro!) to You Tube. You can watch it here (my presentation begins at 0:50). In addition to brief readings, I share some of my favorite one-star Amazon reviews (I’ve received more since this reading occurred).

And here’s a holiday message for the haters out there: I’m not going to stop writing books with gay characters just because you don’t like gay people. So stop reading and reviewing my books.

And by the time many of you read this I will be happily married to the man who has shared my life for the last twenty-two years. Yes, married. Legally. Get over it. And enjoy this video in the mean time:

Happy holidays (with love to almost everyone),

Christopher (and Evan)


Free At Last

For three days, The Christmas Carol Murders will be available for FREE as a Kindle download from You don’t need to have an actual Kindle, but you will need a Kindle app for your portable device if you wish to read the first Dickens Junction mystery for free.


I’m doing this to generate interest in my Dickens Junction mystery series, and to let readers know about the new book, The Edwin Drood Murders, that was released at the end of September. Sometimes readers need a gentle nudge toward a new series–I follow a few series myself (Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford and P. D. James’s Dalgliesh, for example) and I understand that readers like to commit to a series, but also want to know that their commitment is worth their time. I hope, by letting you see the first entry in my series, that you’ll like it enough to stick around and support my efforts to bring you future installments. I’ve got lots planned for Simon and Zach; and, for those who worry about whether George will stick around, I promise that I have no plans for him other than good ones. Many of you ask about Simon’s long-term friend. I can tell you this: he’s based on a real person, he wasn’t in the original outline for The Christmas Carol Murders, and now I can’t imagine Dickens Junction without him.

Please let everyone who loves mysteries know about Dickens Junction…The Christmas Carol Murders will be available for the low price of ZERO for only a short time…