Calm Before the Storm

Waiting for your first book to be published is like standing in the blocks before a race. You can see where you want to be (published, the finish line), but you can’t do anything–just yet–that gets you any closer, because the right time hasn’t yet come (the pub date, the starting gun). I think I’ll drop this analogy before I crush it with overuse.

The final, final, final edits have been made, and the text and e-book formats are on their way to the printer/distributor to be put in production. That means the book will then be listed on the wholesaler’s catalog and available for pre-orders through bookstores and online. The e-book will be available shortly thereafter. The official publication date is now less than a month away–September 25.

So words I drafted three years ago are about to become fresh for the eyes of readers. That’s exciting. I’m working up my snappy patter for the “book tour,” and developing a reading script for places where I’ll be doing readings. Just as Dickens did when he read from his own works (for money), I’ll be adapting the actual text of The Christmas Carol Murders to a format that’s more friendly and streamlined for a live audience. So if you come to one of my readings you’re not likely to see me crack open a copy of my own book and just start reading. Much like my protagonist, Simon, I’m not much for spontaneity.

On other fronts, my fabulous illustrator Tina Granzo is slaving away at drawings for The Edwin Drood Murders, and I’m taking a break from rewrites for book three, The Our Mutual Friend Murders, while simultaneously beginning my planning work for the fourth Dickens Junction mystery, The Oliver Twist Murders. And then there’s the little issue of my personal life, which has its ebbs and flows as well.  I’m behind in my reading also, something else that I share with Simon Alastair (who, you’ll note, hasn’t posted a book review in awhile).  We’re both pretty busy.

One thought on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Darling, it is a wonderful and crazy and horrid time, that wait until the book makes its true debut in the world. I spent the last six weeks before The Secrets of Mary Bowser hit bookshelves just hoping Israel and Iran wouldn’t bomb each other, setting off a catastrophic world war. I mean, I hope for global peace every day, of course. But especially when Armageddon would distract from a little ol’ thing like book promotion.

    Hang in there–it’s worth the wait, to know your words are touching readers you’ll never even meet.

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