Birth Pangs…

Dickens’s 200th birthday may have come and gone, but is just starting to get ready to leave the station. My first novel in the Dickens Junction Mysteries series, The Christmas Carol Murders, will be published the week of September 24, 2012, by Harrison Thurman Books, as a paperback original and ebook. This has been an enterprise long in the making, and the last six months of editing, design, and illustrating the book has been exciting for me. I’ve met amazing people, all here from Portland, who are helping me realize my vision of a traditional puzzle cozy series with a contemporary twist (and, I hope, a decent sense of humor). My muses have been, besides the great Boz himself, Agatha Christie, the great Charlotte MacLeod, with just a touch of Carolyn Keene and a soupçon of Oscar Wilde.

As the book moves toward publication, I’ll be blogging about the publication process, the joys and pains of it, and getting the website ready for the pre-publication blitz that I hope will generate interest in the book and give me a platform to travel and meet readers as the 2012 holiday season approaches.

I am a lifelong lover of nineteenth century novels and reasonably familiar with classic mystery novels, and I hope that those of you who share those passions will come to love the tiny community of Dickens Junction, Oregon, located in and around my home town of Astoria, Oregon, and forever in my heart.

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