Batting 1000

Anyone who knows me well would be shocked that I am employing a sports analogy. Years ago, a coworker said, “[X] is like calling audibles at the line of scrimmage.” To this day I don’t get what he meant.

In my case, my blog is just about to reach 1000 hits, a tiny milestone, especially given that the pub date for The Christmas Carol Murders is still ten weeks away. I’m approaching 300 Twitter followers, even though I still haven’t figured out why tweets show up on my home page from people that I am not following or who are not following me.

On the news front: the second Dickens Junction Mystery, The Edwin Drood Murders, is in its final edit phase before book design, and book three, The Our Mutual Friend Murders, is drafted and has been farmed out to my “critical” readers. This is a group of people who have read almost all of my work and whom I can trust to give honest criticism about what works or doesn’t work in the story I’m trying to tell.

My publicist is sending out pitch letters and ARCs to bloggers and reviewers. Nothing of major significance has come back yet, but we’re crossing our fingers for some good reviews. I’ve been invited to Wordstock in October, but I don’t yet know what that means, and have three bookstore bookings in the final stages of negotiation. So I’m making progress.

In the meantime, I’m swirling with story ideas for the fourth Dickens Junction Mystery, which I’m pretty sure will be called The Oliver Twist Murders. So far, the stumbling block is how to find humor in a book about exploited and endangered children. But I’m confident that my sense of humor is sufficiently warped that, given some time and incubation, I’ll come up with something funny, or at least skewed.

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