ARC of the Covenant

My advance reader copies (ARCs to the trade) have arrived. Up until now, I possessed the only copy in the world of my first novel, The Christmas Carol Murders.  But now there are more, and slowly they will enter the world as my wonderful publicist begins sending them to bloggers, book reviewers, newspapers, and bookstores, hoping to build interest in the book before its official release on September 25, 2012.

The book is nearly error-free, only “nearly” even after many, many edits and proofreadings. I have one more chance before the pub date to correct the few bobbles and errors that crept in over time. You see, hopeful authors, that when you think your book is done, you’ll make 10,000 changes to it before it arrives in this form. If you really, really want it to be good, you’ll do this. Lack of rigorous editing is a key reason that self-published books receive a bad rap. My little publisher, Harrison Thurman Books, has been infinitely patient with me; everyone working with me–the editor, proofreader, agent/consultant, illustrator, book designer, publicist, and publisher all are part of the “covenant” to make the best book possible.

I hope all of you who love a classic puzzle cozy will buy The Christmas Carol Murders when it becomes available. Until then, keep following Christopher’s Blog and What Simon is Reading (Simon is terribly behind–all of the mayhem that’s going on in Dickens Junction has kept him away from his favorite hobby). If you are a book blogger or reviewer, please make contact with Jessica Glenn ( about receiving an ARC.

3 thoughts on “ARC of the Covenant

  1. I’ve read the novel in one if its earlier iterations, so I know about the substance. As to the form, I like the cover of the finished work from the glimpse we have been given in your last post. Thanks.

  2. I’m all a-twitter with the upcoming publicity push. Oh, wait. You’ve got that covered too! Write on, Chris. (Or is it Topher?)

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